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Workshops will take place at Çapa Campus on the May 15th

Kuru Woods


The problem, ground, remedy and follow-up…

It all implies our great laboratory of gait & motion!

We try to monitor and diagnose the defect of the gait with our computerised three-dimensional setup which utilises various cameras, electrodes and reflective markers.

Let’s set to work, shall we?


What would you do if you come across a suicide attempt? Or a violent patient? Our Psychiatric Emergencies workshop aims to help you manage difficult situations, gain a helpful perspective and acquire a healthy approach to conditions that need immediate interventions. Let's improve ourselves against crucial cases we may encounter!

Pencere pervazına Kadın
VR Gözlükleri


Our medical hologram workshop allows participants to experience the medical usage of virtual and augmented reality technology in person! The project from which our workshop originated has resulted in the establishment of a technology company named MHAS (Multidisciplinary Holistic Augmented Science). Thanks to Dr. Mürsel Haspulat, the MHAS Project which got supported by Tübitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Microsoft Turkey; aims that especially medical students extend their vision about common patient types and diseases with the help of simulation. Let's experience this technology together!

Meditation & Mindfullness

Anxiety, fear, anger, stress, melancholy… Why don't we take a moment and try to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Our soothing workshop allows us to take a step back and explore. We hope that we can help you to take deep breath and let go off both our fully occupied congress programme and tiring daily life.

Lotus Pose
Dans Eden Salsa
Dans Eden Salsa


Do you know the best way to unwind from a stressful day? Of course, to immerse yourself in the rhythm of beautiful music. Then let's dance together! 
In this workshop, you will have the chance to experience Latin dances and you will have a pleasant time learning the magnificent movements of salsa. Ease your mind, surrender yourself to the rhythm and let your body flow with the music!


The pathology workshop is going to be a perfect occasion for those, who are interested in pathology. As a discipline, pathology plays a critical role in diagnosing process of many diseases and our event gives us the chance to experience this field with our honorable lecturers in the laboratory. During the event, we will have several samples from macroscopy and microscopy. The participants will be able to inspect biopsy samples while they can scan them in cellular dimension with the microscope. By focusing on cirrhosis, lung cancer and renal cancer, the participants will be presented with a wide perspective. Besides, the flyers prepared by Dr. ……… and Dr. ………., will guide us to create a solid basis for new knowledge. Let’s be a part of this pathology adventure!

doğal mineraller


Have you ever met the peloids before? If your answer is no, then we would like to invite you to our peloidotherapy workshop meaning “mud treatment”. Peloid is a curative mud formed by geological events in the nature and used for medical aims. It gets warmed at a particular degree and prepared in varying consistency after adding some amount of water. Peloid baths increasing the body resistance come forward especially at rheumatological and dermatological diseases. During the workshop, which will be organised by Prof. Dr. Mine Karagülle from Medical Ecology And Hydroclimatology Department at our faculty, we will get to know mud treatment better and be able to apply it on ourselves. Why wouldn’t you just join us!


Ebru⁓ Paper Marbling
Ebru is the traditional art of full of possibilities. Each drop of color is as individual and specific as you are in that very moment. Which means you can let go of expectations and simply enjoy the moment! With a few basic technical skills, you will amazed by the result. In this workshop, we will unleash our creativity and find peace of the art. We would like to see you on this joyful experience.


POCUS: Vascular  Monitorization

Point of Care Ultrasonography (POCUS): Vascular Monitorization
In this workshop; we will experience a method with our professor from anesthesiology department, that is frequently used in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up steps in the operating room of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. This method, which facilitates the lives of patients and physicians with its practicality, is widespread that can be encountered by all of us in our professional life. If you want to involve this experience, we would like to see you in our workshop.


With Sports Medicine101, you can get a closer look at Sports Medicine!
This workshop will take place at our faculty's sports medicine department. You will have a chance to learn about what sports medicine doctors do, and how they do that.
Furthermore, you will get to see the equipment that sports medicine uses!

Bacak sakatlanması


One of the greatest technology in the medical area is without a doubt Da Vinci Robotic Surgery!
With our workshop, you can take a look at the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, learn about the current usage and future innovations!

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